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Concert Choir

Concert Choir is the advanced vocal performance ensemble at LC. Students will be expected to show a high level of commitment to the rehearsal process. Students enrolled in concert choir should possess a higher level of proficiency and seriousness, and therefore will require instructor approval prior to enrollment. Concert Choir students will perform a wide range of music and be encouraged to stretch themselves as performers and to grow as musicians. Enrolled students will further develop vocal technique, aural and sight-singing skills, and learn music theory appropriate to their level.

2023-24 Concert Choir

Beginning Choir

Students in Beginning Choir will understand that music is communication. They will comprehend the words they sing, understand how the music impacts those words and how best to perform their songs. Students will be encouraged to perform to the best of their ability and to grow as musicians. They will learn basic vocal techniques, develop aural and sight-singing skills and learn basic music theory.

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